Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are organisations led by a social mission that trade as businesses to fulfil that mission. They also contribute to the wellbeing of their participants and their community.

What is this website for?

This website explores where, why and how wellbeing is realised in social enterprises, particularly Work Integrated Social Enterprises to show how they become Spaces of Wellbeing.

Work Integrated Social Enterprises (WISEs)

Work integration social enterprises (WISE) are a type of social enterprise that focus on creating employment or pathways to employment for people who are experience barriers to participating in the labour market.

Spaces of Wellbeing

Wellbeing is about being able to lead a flourishing life. The places and spaces where we live and work play a role in realising wellbeing.

Guided by Spaces of Wellbeing Theory, we explore four inter-related aspects of wellbeing.



Connection (Integration)

Spaces that facilitate developing relationships between peers and with the wider community.



Learning (Capability)

Spaces that support and extend technical and life skills.





Support (Security)

Spaces that support physical, social and psychological safety.



Wellness (Therapy)

Spaces that allow for physical or mental comfort, healing and wellness.

Interactive animation – exploring WISE Spaces of Wellbeing

In this interactive animation you can explore the different spaces in a social enterprise to experience how different activities, space designs and policies support the realisation of wellbeing for people and communities.

Click and drag your way around the featured Social Enterprise to explore different spaces.
Click on the + to see what wellbeing is being generated and how to support this in your own social enterprise